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Dolls Display2

After some gentle nagging from friends, I’ve decided to make a website/blog, just for the dolls.


The first doll came into existence purely by accident. My dear friend Stefanie had been trying to get me to listen to IAMX for a long time. After a while I gave in and listened to a link she sent me, the live version of Bring Me Back A Dog. One listen and I was hooked. I wanted to make something for Stef as a gift, for encouraging me to listen to something new. A silly conversation about having your own British rock star doll, to cuddle at night, started the idea. I thought, ‘I wonder if I can make a Chris doll.’

I’d never made a doll before. So I looked online, found various patterns but none of them looked right to me. I ended up, using the head from one pattern, the legs from another, then the arms came from a Japanese doll but I made them longer. The body was adjusted from a simple rag doll design but I cut the head off to make room for the new head pattern and there you have it.


With a bit of fiddling about to get the neck on the body and the neck on the head to match up, I was able to start my experiment. I felt a lot like Victor Frankenstein when I had a lap full of body parts, all taken from different patterns, but once they were stitched together, I was quite pleased with the result.


I then looked at faces and hair. A lot of dolls have the hair cascading out from a central knot, covering the head, but the minute you start moving the head around, the hair parts and you can see a bald head underneath. I didn’t want that for Stef’s Chris doll, So I stitched every single thread individually. It took me about 4 days to finish the hair. Then I had to trim it into Chris’ hairstyle.


Once that was done, I wanted to make his face as close to the real Chris Corner as possible. I traced a photo of his eye from an IAMX photo shoot, where he’s wearing a lot of eye make up and a big stripy tie.


I transferred the drawing of the eye, to the doll’s face.


I had considered painting the eyes on, but then I started thinking. ‘What if I messed it up, I can’t remove the paint from the face once it’s on there?’ So I decided to embroider the eyes instead. This may take longer, but the results are, the eyes are exactly how I want them, if I make a mistake while stitching, I just unpick it and do it again, no messy paints and it’s less likely to fade with time.


His lips were just a few stitches of red, using a screen shot from ‘Spit It Out’ for the expression on his face and the glittery dots under his eyes.


His outfit was just a simple pattern, with ruffles added to give it Chris’ style. His top hat is made of felt, and I hand stitched his little leather boots, making sure he had laces to hold them on his feet. He even has braces and underwear.





The final details to Chris’ outfit, were leather wrist cuffs, a leather collar and a little leash, as a surprise for Stef.



Once he was finished, I wrapped him in bubbled wrap and sent him to Germany to be with his new mum.

Since his completion, he has travelled with Stef to many places.

He even came back here for a visit and while he was here, he had an upgrade. A new top, with epaulettes and a fob watch. Some feathers and a gem were added to his hat and new glittery dots were glued to his face.



He spent some time with his ‘brother’ Sawyer and they now have matching necklaces with a key.



One of the final touches, were bells on his boots.


Here is Sawyer, he was the second doll to be created.



As a result of these two dolls being made, people have asked for them and I’ve made them. They take between three and six weeks to make, depending on how well I am.

I’ll post photos of the other dolls in another blog.

Meet Sawyer and friends, part thirteen.

This is Bernadette.
P1140216Sawyer and Bernadette, admire her hat.

P1140207Her dress is made of black and purple velvet. Underneath the velvet, she has a light pink tutu and burgundy ballet slippers.

P1140210Close up of her bracelet.

P1140211Rear view of Bernadette’s outfit. 

P1140205Front view of Bernadette’s outfit. 

P1140212She’s showing her ballet slipper and a bit of leg.

P1140214She can do the splits.

P1140208Close up of Bernadette’s pretty green eyes. She has a silver key on a silver chain around her neck, and a silver charm stitched to her velvet dress.

P1140215Bernadette’s hat is made of pink felt, with silver hearts. The butterfly is made of feathers.

Meet Sawyer and friends, part twelve.

This is Claudia, sitting in Sawyer’s lap.
P1140235She’s a gothic ballerina.

P1140196She has a leather collar and a tutu.

P1140197The black velvet top, with lace sleeves and a lace trim.

P1140222Multi coloured hair, purple eyes, red sparkle dots on her collar and her face, a silver bow stitched to her top, pink beads added and a skull with cross bones on a silver chain around her neck.

P1140224Red and pink feathers on her polka dot hat, lilac ribbon around her waist and sparkles on her hat.

P1140225Her dress is black netting with hologram dots, and the lace around the bottom is hand stitched.

P1140229Claudia, in the chair. Her ballet slippers match her hat.

P1140236The rear view of Claudia’s dress.

P1140237Close up of the silver bow and the skull around her neck.

P1140234Claudia and Sawyer, chatting. Her black bracelet is visible here.

Meet Sawyer and friends, part eleven.

Meet Shiro.

P1140329According to the website, his name means, Samurai male.

P1140331He has a black band with a silver detail for a bracelet.

P1140332He has a copper key on a gold chain around his neck, and a gold amulet on his jacket chain.

P1140333His ladybird hat is decorated with a butterfly, made from feathers.

P1140334P1140338Shiro’s sparkly red boots.

P1140337Shiro, posing in the chair.

P1140335Sawyer and Shiro, chatting in the chair.

Meet Sawyer and friends, part ten.

Here is Tatsuyoshi with Sawyer.

P1140253According to the website, his name means, Beautiful Dragon.

P1140071I wanted him to have red streaks in his hair, so I added the red first.

P1140098I added blue-black thread for the darker hair.

P1140115I gave him longer hair than I normally do for boy dolls.

P1140117When I embroidered his face, I aimed to give him an androgynous appearance.

P1140118The back of Tatsuyoshi’s hair. The red stands out against the dark blue threads.

P1140249I changed his outfit to a red, sparkly Kimono.
He has a leather collar with blue sparkles on, a blue, glass bead bracelet, a necklace with a black pendant and red slippers.

P1140250I gave him a tied up hairdo, slightly Japanese, plus the details on his slippers, match the details on his Kimono.

P1140251He looks quite happy sitting in the chair.

P1140252He even happier when he has company.
Hello Sawyer.

Meet Sawyer and Friends, part nine.

This is Yoshiki.

P1140298According to the website, his name means, perfumed life.

P1140099In this blog, you can see how the hair is hand stitched onto the dolls head.
P1140100P1140101P1140102P1140103P1140104Looped through, double knotted and then cut to length.

P1140107This was after the hair was trimmed to shape.

P1140108In this photo, the red streaks are visible.

P1140121Close up of Yoshiki’s face.

P1140180Red, glittery top hat, and leather collar.

P1140285P1140283Yoshiki’s decorated, felt boots.

P1140298P1140299Front and back view of Yoshiki.

P1140300Yoshiki showing off his boots.

P1140301Close up of the key detail, on the neck chain.

P1140303Close up of the padlock on Yoshiki’s jacket chain.

P1140304Close up of Yoshiki’s wrist chain.

P1140305Yoshiki, finished. Including all the detail added to his top hat.

P1140307Sawyer and Yoshiki, having a chat in a chair together.

P1140308Yoshiki sits in Sawyer’s lap.

Meet Sawyer and friends, part eight.

Sawyer’s brother, Christopher Seth, came to stay for a while, with his mum.

They had a few adventures together, which can be seen here. Dolls Adventures.

Afterwards, they were tired. So they sat in their new chair together, chatting, before Christopher Seth had to go back to Germany.

P1140054Christopher Seth has a new top hat, with glittery stars on the felt.
Sawyer also has a new top hat. In this photo, it’s still plain.

P1140055P1140056While they chatted, I stitched together a new jacket for Christopher Seth.
Made from black velvet, with tails, and little buttons on the back.

P1140057Sawyer waits, with Sandy Rufus the dog, while Christopher Seth gets changed.

P1140058Christopher Seth shows off his new jacket, and his new feather boa.

P1140059Christopher Seth, showing off his new laces on his boots, as well as his feather boa, fingerless gloves and new jacket.
Shortly after, he packed his little suitcase and left for the airport with his mum.

P1140063This made little Sawyer sad, so I decorated his hat to cheer him up.

Sandy Rufus sat with him, giving him cuddles until he started to smile again.
Now Christopher has another new outfit, including new gloves, and Sawyer has a new, steampunk hat.

Meet Sawyer and friends, part Seven.


Meet Seven of Nine.
P1130589This was requested by a friend, as a gift for her husband.

P1130500The silver, figure hugging, suit was a real challenge.

P1130503I had to make it as close to the shape of the doll, as possible.

P1130507P1130508Both sides of the suit.


I used Scoubies as her exoskeleton. This is the front

P1130510I stitched the plastic scoubies to the doll. This is the back.

P1130511With the suit on, over the exoskeleton.

P1130515One of the little details that a Trek fan would know about.
Seven has implants on one of her arms.

P1130522Line detail added to the bust area of the suit.

P1130523P1130524I used silver thread to make the implants on Seven’s hand.

P1130525Seven of Nine with lips. Embroidered, using light pink silk thread.

P1130541Seven’s eyes are done, the pencil marks for the face implants can be seen.

P1130554The collar was added here, and the suit was made tighter.

P1130555By making the suit tighter, the exoskeleton becomes more visible.

P1130578I made the ocular implant from silver wire, then stitched it to Seven’s face.

P1130579Seven’s hair after a trim to tidy it up.

P1130581P1130582Once the suit was stitched, the hair was tied back.

P1130589The complete doll.

P1130593Close up on the hand details.

P1130594Close up of the ocular implant. In this photo, you can clearly see Seven’s hair, which is made five different shades of blond.

P1130595Close up of the communicator, made from shaped sequins.

P1130596Here you can see the other facial implant, made from silver wire and stitched in place.

P1130597Another close up of her hand.

She now lives with her new parents.

Meet Sawyer and friends, part six.

Here we have, Sheldon Cooper.


He was requested by a friend, who is a fan of The Big Bang Theory.

The Flash t-shirt, being stitched.


The long blue sleeves were stitched to the red t-shirt.


Sheldon’s underwear.


Shiny trousers.


He has little socks on, in a baby blue colour.


The patterns for Sheldon’s shoes.


Sheldon’s shoes, with the suede laces.



Sheldon’s hair, all hand stitched using silk thread.



Sheldon’s face, including his lopsided grin. All hand embroidered.



The Flash logo has been embroidered on, to make it last longer.


Little detail added, to give the appearance of a wristwatch.



Sheldon Cooper, finished. He now lives in America with his new mum.

Meet Sawyer and friends, Part five.

This is Rachel.


I made this doll for my best friend, Helen, as a late Christmas present.


To begin with, The ballerina only had a tutu and pink stockings.


Helen asked for long bloomers, instead of the normal underwear I usually give the dolls. I made them match the camisole top.


The view of the back, showing her long hair.


I added the tutu to the camisole.


Next, the skirt and blouse were added.


A rear view of the outfit, showing the detail on the bottom of the jacket. All the lace on the bottom of the skirt is hand stitched to the skirt.


Close up showing the little bow, stitched to the front of the camisole.


I added detail to the top of her stockings.


Close up of the jacket, showing the hook at the front. The little pink ruffles on the collar can be seen here as well.


The little gothic necklace, also hand made, with a charm heart added.


Close up of the lilac ballet slippers, before the ribbons were added.
The red jewels are glass and hand stitched to the slippers.


The finished ballet slippers.


The ballet slippers, tied onto the doll.


Rachel, standing on tiptoes.


Hand made bracelet, pink and white beads.


Rachel now has a face, all hand embroidered.


Close up of her face, and the new hairstyle.


The tiara. Made from two types of wire, glass beads and plastic pearls.


The finished tiara.


Fitting the tiara was tricky.



Close up of the hair and the tiara. I weaved the tiara into her hair to keep it in place.


Long, black gloves were added, with detail that matches the jacket.



Close up of the black gloves, the bracelet now over the top, making it stand out.



Almost finished


Another little detail added.


Close up, rear view of the hair.


Rachel, now completed, front view.



Side views of Rachel.


Rachel, showing the tutu beneath her skirt.


Rachel and Sawyer, together.


Close up of Sawyer, with Rachel.

Rachel now lives with Helen, and Sawyer goes to visit her sometimes.

Meet Sawyer and friends, Part Four.

This is Talon’s sister. Ardania Blossomforth.
Talon’s owner ordered a doll for her little sister for Christmas 2012.
I managed to complete her one week before Christmas.


This is the doll, almost completed.


Hand stitched stockings.



With lace tops.


Hand stitched lady’s gloves.


Underwear. All the dolls have underwear.


A camisole top with frilly bottom.


Hand stitched bow to the camisole top. Made from stretchy black glittery material.


The underskirt.


Mesh added to the bottom of the underskirt, and a layer of mesh added over the underskirt, to give it a gothic appearance. The over-skirt made from glittery black material to match Talon’s outfit.


View from the back, showing the lace added to the bottom of the skirt.


Matching jacket, with ruffles to the collar and the sleeves.


The beginning of the hair. Blue-black thread with shocks of white added, sticking to the gothic feel.


Ardania’s face, hand embroidered eyes and lips.


The veil is made from two types of mesh, one is rigid, the other is flowing.


Brown shoes made from fake suede.


Red glue dots added to match Talon’s dots. Little jewel sewn to the collar of the jacket, also matches the one Talon has.


Here is the finished doll. She took almost eight weeks to complete because of the amount of layers and all the hand stitching involved.